It can be challenging to rule a country as a dictator, president or as prime Minister especially when you are suppose to create an empire. To expand and create an empire need to declare war on different nations. It might happen that we get in conflicts with other nations that can result in war. If we are attacked by another nation, we will try to break the opposition down. This is all included in the game Civilization IV were playing.

There are a lot of ways that leads to war, but every war start with a conflict. A conflict kan consist of a lot of things, but in most cases conflict is about theology, ideology and ethnic reasons. There is a lot of conflicts happening in the game (civilization IV) and on the planet where living on. Different conflict that might lead to a war is the relationship between Palistin and Israel, the conflict between North Korea and the rest of the world and also the conflict between the state IS and the rest of the world and the most terrifying the conflict between Russia and The United States of America. If these conflicts leads to ware the consequences can be horrific, they can start a world war 3. There is a lot of empires that is known for they horrific and brilliant strategic, for example the Nazis, the Mongolian Empire and the Roman Empire. These empires are well known for their barbaric warfare and for their carnage of the enemies population.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine started in 1947, when the UN divided Palestine in half. 45% went to the Palestine people and 55% went to the Israeli people. Israel received enormous amount of money from the United States, making Israel the world fifth larges military force. This has resulted that the Israeli people has terrorized the Palestine people, and driven them out of their home. Both of the nations claims to have deep roots in Jerusalem. This is a conflict that you meet in the game. The game is based on real life conflicts and war, only that you can control if you want to go trough with it. There is also the opposite of war, and that is peace.

The opposite to war is peace, and most of the nation in the world has a strong relationship with each other. For example in EU (European Union) the nations is a apart of the sheng agreement. This agreement involves that the nations can travel around in the different nations without carrying a passport, and there is non-taxes, for example on textile, and different sort of technologic devices. This agreement helps the smaller nations to expand their production and helping them on their way to become a world industry. In the game and the real world businesses takes advantage on that the nations lack technology and the knowledge to produce the recourses they have. This is also something that you as a large nation that has a vast knowledge can take advantage from.

Strong allies and friendship is the key du succeed in the game and the real life.


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